Saturday, 1 July 2017

Made in the U.S.A.: The Sex Trafficking of America's Children by Alisa Jordheim (Book review)

So this book review is not a fictional book, but a true story book. At this point there is two things I like to read about when it comes to true stories, its the Sexual industry, specially when it comes to Sex Trafficking  and the Sex Trafficking  of children. The other is about serial killers. This book is, as the title says, about Sex Trafficking of American children in America.

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About the book
The book is a compilation of five true stories of adults (4 woman & 1 man) trafficked as children. Each story is preceded by an overview of the type of trafficking the story addresses and followed up by a statement from the survivors themselves.  The purpose of the book is to provide insights on how American children are taken captive and often coerced to remain in a lifestyle of commercial sexual exploitation.  All profits from the book will be distributed to nationally recognized agencies providing either preventive or restorative service for child survivors of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

My thoughts
To say that this subject is anything but horrible is an understatement but reading about it and learning about it, is the first step to helping and stopping it.

I like how the book is build up, with information and true stories and that there is different kinds of stories, from different people in different situation and then their comments about what happened and their view. this shows that anyone can be targeted and that anyone can be sold or sell himself/herself in different situation in life.

The language is very easy to understand which make it a book everyone can read and understand. This makes it easier for people to get into the subject and get an understanding about the problem. We all know this happens but books like this, helps us open our minds and our will to do something about it. I am not American but this book still made me want to help people and children in this situation. I live in a country where sex trade exist and is pretty big. Both when it comes to getting people here to sell sex and to kidnap people and bring them to other countries. Eastern European countries has this problem and I thought it was a problem here, where people are stolen/kidnapped and taken to richer countries. This book helped me open my eyes that, that isn not the case. It made me more active in trying to help where I can, even if I have a language barrier.

The only thing that I wish they would change with this book is the name. Sure the people in the books are not adults, but I dont see them as children either. most are teenagers so maybe "Americas Youth" would have been better and more reflect it. but still the book is horrible and very informative and a book I really think people should read to get a deeper understanding about the subject and why some people end up where they do. This is a must read and I dont think anyone can read it and not feel anything afterwards.

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