Saturday, 23 September 2017

Twins (The Dragon's Dove Chronicles) - Kim Iverson Headlee (book review)

Got this book for an honest review

The death of their mother knells the death of any hope for a joyful future for Gyan’s identical twin daughters, Gwenhwyfar and Gwenhwyfach. Their father, Arthur the High King, wastes no time in announcing firstborn Gwenhwyfar’s betrothal to Medraut—the man whom Gwenhwyfach secretly loves. And Gwenhwyfar is in love with Angusel’s son Lannchu. 

The twins conspire to defy Fate and trade places. They know how ambitious is their scheme, for Gwenhwyfar is trained in the domestic arts and Gwenhwyfach has chosen the warrior’s path, yet the sisters are confident of success. The wedding and its accompanying night come off without a hitch… for both of them. 

Fate, however, shall not be defied. 
My Thoughts

So, I got this book for an honest review. (2 starts at goodreads and 3 starts at amazon means I think it is okay but not more in my eyes)

This is a very short novella, 70 pages, and  well I think that is something that goes against the book. I have read the other books in the series and this is the weakest links. There is a lot of things that could make this book good and even great but never did. 

There is a lot of names thrown out and to really understand them and who they are, you need a deep knowledge of history or use the name list, which is in the end of the book, which is not the best when it comes to e-books. Then I would prefer to have it in beginning. I  didnt even know there where a name list until I had finished with the book and by then I had stopped caring about who the people are. When a reader stops to care, it is wrong.

To be honest, I only finished the book because I got it as an ARC, I wanted to give my review of the entire book or novella. If the author put more thoughts into the book and more love I think the book would be lovely. There is a story but I would like it to be deeper, and the characters to develop more. It felt very rushed and more like a way to describe the end and not really wright an end.

I dont know, but I really didnt get into the book as I have with the others. I felt distant and like the author disconnects the reader from the story and characters in a strange way.

I love the series but this was not something I enjoyed. The novella is okay and readable if you are reading the series but it is nothing WOW with it. I could actually go without it. The novella was okay but nothing to capture me and nothing special.

Friday, 22 September 2017